I’m Michael Thompson, Candidate for the D158 School Board

I am running for a two-year seat on the District 158 School Board.

I have been a Huntley resident for over 20 years and have seen my children and stepchildren through every grade level in the D158 school system. We were once a district with a strong record of academic success. Today, it saddens me to see how the district has allowed political agendas to take priority over education. As a result, our children are unprepared for challenges they will face as adults in the workforce.

I believe that our district needs to return to the fundamentals of education and should leave political agendas and ideologies out of the classroom. As a member of the D158 Board of Education, I will make sure that families have a voice when it comes to how our tax dollars are spent on education. Teachers and administrators need to respect the boundaries between educators and parents when it comes to sex education and discussions of sexuality.

I promise to serve as a voice for parents and not as a mouthpiece for special interests.

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