Candidate for
D158 School Board

Why I’m running:
Focus on education

I believe that our district needs to return to the fundamentals of education and should leave political agendas and ideologies out of the classroom.

As a member of the D158 Board of Education, I will make sure that families have a voice when it comes to how our tax dollars are spent on education.

Michael Thompson


Michael is a natural leader whose talents for listening to a variety of viewpoints will ensure that the community’s voices are heard and considered.


Michael’s experience as a researcher will bring much-needed sunlight to the district’s overspending on unnecessary, agenda-driven programs and initiatives.


As a father of seven children educated in D158, Michael understands just how politicized the district’s curriculum has become in recent years.

Michael Thompson Family

Our district just voted for the highest tax levy in the history of the entire district after listening to many community voices speak against it, and none in favor of it.

Our board needs new members that will listen to what the community wants, and that’s one of the reasons I am running.

– Michael Thompson

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Michael Thompson: Who I’m voting for

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